Workin’ Moms is a podcast about motherhood and work. We’re talking to business owners and career-driven women who love their kids but also love their work and want to make an impact. There’s nothing quite like being a working mother and constantly questioning whether you are doing enough in any area of your life. It’s a struggle that’s pretty unique to women and can feel very isolating and conflicting. We regularly deal with the questions that plague us:

  • How do you know if you’ve made the right decision to work after having children? 
  • Are you giving enough at home to your family?
  • Is there a way to still succeed in your career? 
  • Is it selfish to want to work and not stay home?
  • How do you stop feeling like a terrible person? 

We don’t know the answers but we know that there is a community of ambitious women asking the same questions, every single day. So we’re asking and we’re having conversations with real women balancing work and motherhood and discovering what it means to have it all. 

About the Host

Hey there! I’m Gisele, the host of Workin’ Moms. I am the founder of the design agency Workshop Creative and a first time mom to my son Henry. Thanks for tuning in to my little show and I hope you enjoy it!

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