Maegan Mak

Playworks Physio

Episode #9: Business & Baby Development

If you’re a first time parent, you probably wonder about your child’s physical development. On this episode, I talk to an expert on the subject, Maegan Mak, a paediatric physiotherapist and the owner of Playworks Physio which specializes in working with kids from babies to age 18. Maegan talks about starting her clinic 2 years ago and quickly growing her team in the span of several months. She shares how as a first time mom, she’s continued building a solid practice and pivoted quickly in light of COVID 19.

Episode highlights:

  • The process of starting her own clinic
  • Surprise growth early on
  • Building the right team to support family planning
  • Managing a business with a baby
  • Adapting her business during COVID-19
  • Common issues addressed by paediatric physiotherapists
  • How work has impacted her experience as a mother and vice versa
  • Creating community through Village Fridays
  • Strategic planning with a business coach
  • Keys to success


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