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Episode #8: Sleep Matters

Sleep. It’s probably the biggest discussion topic for parents, and one of the biggest challenges for working parents. On this episode, I’m sharing my conversation with an expert on the topic – my client and reputable sleep consultant, Lara Rabb of Heavy Eyes Happy Hearts Sleep Consulting. Lara shares the story of how a sleep consultant drastically improved her life as a new mom and how she recognized that she could help other families in the same way. She talks about starting and growing her business with 2 kids, deciding when to leave her full time job, and the moves she made as her business has grown to make room for a balanced, fulfilling life beyond work. And of course we talk about sleep and how we can make adjustments to be more rested physically and emotionally. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Lara and are inspired by how she approaches motherhood and business with patience, transparency and empathy. 

Episode highlights:

  • Starting a business on maternity leave
  • Side hustling with two young kids
  • Setting boundaries for successful growth
  • Why sleep is a hot topic
  • What’s wrong with the term “sleep training”
  • Relational vs. behavioural approaches
  • Growing a business on social media
  • The power of vulnerability online
  • Peaceful/respectful parenting (Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, Dr. Laura Markham, Dr. Deborah MacNamara, Dr. Gordon Neufeld)
  • Gaining confidence from business


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