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Episode #6: Loving Ourselves and Our Homes

On this episode, I’m exploring dual perspectives of a working mother’s relationship with her child by chatting with Dwaina and Molly Sprague, the mother daughter design duo behind Good Space Plans Online and Dwaina Sprague Interior Design. These incredible women are strong feminists, innovative businesswomen and have the coveted Gilmore Girls mother-daughter relationship but in real life. Listen in on their thoughts on motherhood, their approach to reinventing interior design, and changing the way we think about home.

Episode Highlights:

  • Becoming a mother at age 16
  • The stay at home mom vs. childcare debate
  • Maintaining a healthy personal and working relationship
  • Defining boundaries
  • Honest communication with kids about ideas around work
  • What kids learn from working parents
  • Being an observer vs. a manager as a parent
  • Sitting through discomfort 
  • Creating a product out of a service with Good Space Plans
  • Why home should be a priority
  • Setting children up for success at home


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