Madeleine Shaw


Episode #5: Changing the Way We Work with Madeleine Shaw

“Instead of struggling to manage work/life balance, there was a place that was designed to make them easy, fun and inspiring? What if you could bring your kids to work with you? What if your workplace was more playful? What if integration is the new balance?”

On this episode, I chat with Madeleine Shaw, a social entrepreneur and the Founder of Aisle (formerly Lunapads), a line of reusable menstruation products and Nestworks, a family-friendly workspace. Madeleine is on a mission to make the world a better place over the course of her 27 years in business and most recently has been trying to improve the lives of working parents. Enjoy this inspiring conversation about doing good, following your passions, and the future of work.

Episode highlights:

What social entrepreneurship means to her
Projects driven by a desire for changes
Eco-feminism in business
Building a business with young kids in the office
The development of Nestworks
The myth of work-life balance
COVID-19 impacts on current work culture and predictions for the future
Motivating the next wave of social entrepreneurs 


Aisle (formerly Lunapads)
The Greater Good

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