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Episode #4: The Power of Play with Traci Costa

If you’re a mom, you might know our next guest… or at least her wildly popular children’s clothing and lifestyle brand PK Beans (formerly Peekaboo Beans). On this episode, I’m sharing my conversation with the powerhouse entrepreneur, advocate, philanthropist and mom of 2, Traci Costa. Traci started her business back in 2006 and has grown it into an internationally-recognized, publicly traded brand, driven by a powerful mission to foster playful living for children and families.


Episode highlights:

  • Traci’s journey in starting and growing her company
  • Employing and empowering working moms
  • The 2008 recession, COVID-19 and pivoting in business
  • Changing traditional gender expectations and female entrepreneurship
  • The concept of Free Play and how to integrate it at home
  • Using technology to your advantage
  • Coping and thriving during COVID-19


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