Agnes Mayer

Mamabear Holistic Care

Episode #12: Caring for Mamas

When it comes to the world of new parenting, there’s one question that doesn’t get asked enough: if everyone is taking care of the baby, who’s taking care of the mother? My next guest Agnes Mayer has literally made it her business to take care of mothers.

Agnes is a Labour and Delivery Registered Nurse and the owner of MamaBear Holistic Care, a business offering support services for new mothers.

Parents hire Agnes to navigate the unchartered territory of motherhood with Prenatal classes, CPR classes, Sleep coaching, Postpartum and Breastfeeding support. Her passion for helping Mamas comes from her experience both as an RN and as a Mama to one incredible boy, and they both share an immense love of Disney! Agnes started MamaBear Holistic Care to fill a void for new parents as they prepare for their journey into motherhood and parenthood.

She is known for making clients feel safe, supported and most importantly, she listens wholeheartedly to her clients, while at the same exploring their needs.

Episode highlights:

  • How she identified that moms need more support after giving birth
  • Postpartum needs for mothers
  • Breastfeeding as a hot topic
  • Returning to work after mat leave
  • How her own delivery and recovery changed her approach to work
  • Pros and cons of online networks and dealing with criticism
  • Why she started her own business
  • How she has adapted under pandemic conditions
  • What “having it all” means to her


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