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Signing Babies

Episode #11: Speaking the Same Language

We often wish our babies would simply tell us what they want, or that we could decipher their cries and babble. What if they are trying to communicate with us and there was a better way for us to understand each other?

Lee Ann Steyns is the owner of Signing Babies, a baby sign language education business which was born out of a need to help her two young children who were both colicky, fussy babies. Lee Ann was desperate to create some bonding and communication with her babies outside of the hours of daily crying they endured for the first few months of their lives with colic. Baby sign language was one tool she looked into to help resolve the feeling of not being able to help her daughter Ella, and it was a game changer. Within weeks she and Ella were able to share experiences of open communication, and signing became a big part of family life when her little brother came along too. Lee Ann took the skills she gained and created her own curriculum with her background in kids’ program planning, and started teaching her own baby sign language classes to other parents in the community when Ella turned 1, and has been growing her business ever since. As both a mom and educator, she’s created a great balance of playful, light-hearted classes with an organized curriculum to keep things easy to learn for both parents and babies.

In this episode, of course we talk a lot about baby sign language and how Lee Ann teaches, but you’ll also hear about Lee Ann’s experience in starting and growing a business over the course of 18 years while raising two kids. She does this all with passion, grace and humility and it was inspiring to talk to her.

Episode highlights:

  • How her background working with kids prepared her for her business
  • Exploring solutions for colic that led to discovering baby sign language
  • How her business has evolved and grown alongside her family
  • What she is modeling for her 2 teenagers
  • Explaining her approach to baby sign language and debunking myths
  • Why parents should introduce baby sign language as a form of communication, in addition to verbal speech
  • Building community in her classes
  • Growing a business over the course of 18 years
  • Advice for new moms


Signing Babies

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